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Godha (Andal) Kalyanam

Godha (Andal) Kalyanam

By: Hari Prasad Doddi On: 2015-12-30 Category: Tradition Views: 4418

Godha Kalyanam… The trees swayed with the wind in the garden. The air was filled with pleasant smell of flowers from the garden. The colors of the flowers were a real treat to the eyes. A melodic singing reverberated throughout the garden. The voice belonged to a pious Brahmin named "Perialwar" (originally called Vishnuchittar). He was taking care of his garden, inside a temple called Vadapathrasayee(Vada-pathra-sayee)temple in Srivilliputtur(Sri-villi-puttur), Tamilnadu, India. The...

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Karthika Masam - The Auspicious Month

Karthika Masam - The Auspicious Month

By: Hari Prasad Doddi On: 2015-11-22 Category: Tradition Views: 6848

Karthika Masam is one of the most auspicious months in a lunar calendar. Karthika Masam is the eighth lunar month of Indian Astrology. It comes around November of Gregorian calender. It begins on the day after Deepavali and also marks the beginning of winter season. The lunar calendar has been divided into two parts Dakshinayana and Uttararyana. Karthika Masam comes under Dakshinayana. Out of the two, Dakshinayana is set aside for Sadhana. Sadhana means a process by which one would get...

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Significance of Dhanurmasam

Significance of Dhanurmasam

By: Hari Prasad Doddi On: 2015-12-20 Category: Tradition Views: 3767

The start of the Dhanurmasam is marked by the entry of the Sun in the Dhanur Rashi (Sagittarius) called the Dhanuh Sankramana; hence it is considered as Dhanurmasam. During this month, the sun (Surya) enters the Dhanur Rasi and stays for a month. This month ends on the day of Bhogi, just a day before Sankranti or Makara Sankranti. Old Hindu scriptures have set apart this month to be completely focused on devotional activities. Other non-devotional activities (such as weddings, purchase of...

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