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Orchha Ram Raja Temple

Orchha Ram Raja Temple

By: Hari Prasad Doddi On: 2015-08-27 Category: Ancient Temple Views: 3509
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Ram Raja Temple is located in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a palace turned temple and its soaring spires and palatial architecture are extremely magnificent. This is the only place in the whole world where Lord Ram is worshiped as a king and that too in a palace. A Guard of Honour is held everyday and police personnel have been designated as Guards at the temple. The food and other amenities provided to the deity at the temple are a royal repast. Armed salutation is provided to Lord Ram everyday.


In the temple Raja Ram is accompanied by Sita (on the left), brother Laxman (on the right), Maharaj Sugreev and Narsingh Bhagwan (on the right). Durga Maa is also present in the darbaar on the right side. Hanumaan ji and Jamwant ji are praying just below Sita.


Lord Ram wears the turban of royalty. Mata Sita wears a crown whereas Lord Lakshman is dressed as a prince. The speciality of this temple is that Lord Ram has a sword in his right hand and a shield in the other. Shri Ram is sitting in Padmasan, with the left leg crossed over the right thigh. Mata Durga is also present in Ram Darbar.



Madhukar Shah Ju Dev (1554-1592) was a devotee of Banke Bihari (Lord Krishna) while his wife Queen Ganesh Kunwari also called Kamla Devi, was a devotee of Lord Ram. One day the King and the Queen went to Lord Krishna's temple but the temple had closed by that time. The queen urged the king to go back but the king wanted to stay. So both the king and queen decided to stay back. They joined a group of devotees who were singing and dancing in praise of Lord Krishna outside the temple and started singing and dancing. It is believed that Lord Krishna and Radha personified and danced with them and golden flowers were showered on them from the heavens at that moment.


After this the king asked the queen to accompany him to Braj-Mathura the land of Lord Krishna, but the queen wanted to go to Ayodhya. The queen was adamant at which the king said that "You keep praying to Ram but Ram never appears in front of us. If you are so adamant to go to Ayodhya then go, but return only when you have the child form of Ram with you. Only then will I accept your true devotion". The queen took a vow that she would go to Ayodhya and return with the child form of Ram or else she would drown herself in Ayodhya's Sarayu River. The queen left the palace and started the journey to Ayodhya. She ordered her servants to start building a temple (Chaturbhuj Temple) for Lord Ram.


On reaching Ayodhya, the Queen started praying to Lord Ram. The Queen fasted and prayed for about a month but Lord Ram did not appear. So she jumped into the river. Just then Lord Ram appeared in child form in the Queen's lap. Lord Ram told the queen that she could ask for a boon, at which the queen asked Ram to come with her in child form to Orchha. Ram agreed to go but he put forth three conditions: "I will travel only in Pukh Nakshatra. When Pukh Nakshatra will end I will stop and resume only when Pukh Nakshatra sets in again. Secondly, once I reach Orchha, I will be the King of Orchha and thirdly, the first place you seat me will be my final place." The Queen agreed and started her journey. Since the queen travelled only in Pukh Nakshtra it took 8 months and 27 days for the queen to reach Orchha from Ayodhya on foot (between 1574 and 1575).


King Madhukar Shah meanwhile had a dream where Lord Banke Bihari scolded him on discriminating between Lord Ram and himself. King was very apologetic. When he woke up he found out that the queen was returning from Ayodhya. The King went to receiver the queen with horses, elephants, servants, food, etc. and apologized to the queen. The queen did not accept king's apology. On returning to Orchha, the queen went back to her palace with baby Ram and retired in her room for the night, only to take Lord Ram to the Chaturbhuj Temple the next day. But Lord Ram transformed into an idol and got transfixed in the queen's palace itself as per his condition.


To this day the Ram Raja Temple is in the queen's palace and not in the Chaturbhuj Temple which is right next to the palace. Additionally, as promised by the queen, Lord Ram is the King of Orchha, hence the name Ram Raja Temple.


Festivals & Events in Temple:

  •                         - Rama Navami

  •                         - Ganga Dussehra

  •                         - Rath Yatra

  •                         - Sawan Teej

  •                         - Rahesya Pooranmashi

  •                         - Vivha Panchami

  •                         - Ganesh Kunwari Jayanti

  •                         - Holika Festival


Hindu Calendar

Phagun to Kwar

Kartik to Magh

Calendar Months

February to October

October to February


8:00 AM

9:00 AM

Rajbhog Chik (15min)

12:00 PM

12:30 PM

Aarti Rajbhog

12:30 PM

1:00 PM

Shyam Aarti

8:00 PM

7:00 PM

Biyari Ki Chik (15min)

10:00 PM

9:00 PM

Biyari Ki Aarti

10:30 PM

9:30 PM


Note- Mandir remains closed after Aarti Rajbhog till Shyam Aarti.


Based on Hindu Calendar Month the calendar month falls as follows:

  • October (part / whole) falls in Kwar or Kartik (Kwar ends and Kartik starts 15 days before Diwali)

  • February (part / whole) falls in Magh or Phagun (Magh ends and Phagun starts 30 days before Holi)


Nearby Places to Visit:

  •                         - Jahangir Mahal

  •                         - Chaturbhuj Temple

  •                         - Laxminarayan Temple

  •                         - Phoolbagh

  •                         - SunderMahal

  •                         - Royal Cenotaphs



City                        : Orchha

Dist.                       : Tikamgarh

State                       : Madhya Pradesh

Country                : India

PIN                        : 472246


How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport is Gwalior and Khajuraho. Several airlines connect Khajuraho to other major cities like Delhi, Varanasi.

By Rail

Orchha lies on the road between Jhansi and Khajuraho. Gwalior is another important destination in Madhya Pradesh is only 120kms away from Orchha by road. Distance of Orchha from Delhi is approximately 418 km.

By Road

The nearest railway station is Jhansi, which is also a major junction in central India. Several trains connect Jhansi to the rest of the country.


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